The Defiant

The Domination



  • The Anse – A vast stretch of plains, between the Spine and the Heartlands. Cities: Amireana.
  • Despair – An arid, inhospitable desert, found east of Zan’u. It stretches as far as Valiraura, but travel across it is dangerous and rarely done. Cities: None.
  • Ebonmarsh – A swamp, several hundred square-miles in size, south of the Heartland. Makes up most of Vulcanica’s southern shoreline. Cities: Zan’u.
  • Heartlands – A relatively flat, temperate basin in the center of Vulcancia, filled with lots of trees and other vegetation. Cities: Arkhos Rhe, Ibygora.
  • Iron Hills – A mountain range along Vulcanica’s western border, made mostly of shorter, smoother mountains. Cities: Karak Karaz, Bael.
  • Jottunheimen – A large valley, far to the north and west of the Heartlands, marked mostly by terrible weather and long, brutal winters. Cities: Turath.
  • The Spine – A nearly-impassible mountain range along Vulcanica’s northern border, composed almost entirely of jagged mountains with steep slopes and sharp rocks. Cities: None.
  • Valiraura – An expansive and mysterious forest far to the east, shrouded deep in superstition and fear of the Fey. Cities: Valiraura.


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