The Defiant

The Domination



Major Cities

  • Amireana – The ancestral home of the elves, and one of the few places in Vulcanica where the Dragons’ influence is relatively weak.
  • Arkhos Rhe – Capital of Arkhosia, and a veritable fortress in its own right. Populated exclusively by the Dragons and the Dragonborn, mortals are only allowed in under the most unusual of circumstances
  • Bael – Smaller in population and scope than its sister city—Turath—Bael is home to many refugees and servants that have suffered under the Dragon’s black shadow.
  • Ibygora – Youngest of Vulcanica’s cities, and also its most lavish. Built as a haven for Arkhosia’s most loyal mortal servants, it serves both as a city, and as an insult to those who would rebel against the Domination.
  • Karak Karaz – The mightiest of all the famed Dwarven Halls, Karak Karaz has managed to retain much of its culture, despite living in the shadow of Arkhosia.
  • Turath – The once-proud capital of the Humans, Turath is now largely a slum filled to the brim with the downtrodden, the poor, the broken, and the desperate.
  • Valiraura – Populated exclusively by the highly xenophobic Fey and their few allies, this city is surrounded in as much mystery as forest.
  • Zan’u – Home to the fearsome Orcs, Zan’u (properly known as Zan’u Ohah, or “the Fortress of Blood,” in Burz) was the last of the mortal cities to fall to the Dragons—something the Orcs continue to take pride in to this day. Despite the bravado, however, Arkhosia retains a strong presence here, and mercy within these walls is as harsh as it is uncommon.

Minor Cities & Towns

  • Crossroads – A growing town south of Bael and Turath, built on the crossroads of the Ibygora-Bael and the Turath-Karak Karaz roads.


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