The Defiant

The Domination



Birth of a Nation – History of Arkhosia

  • 1: The first Dragon arrives in Turath. He names himself Antares (His Message Heard) and claims Vulcanica property of the Dragons. He is pushed out of the city, but survives the encounter. Antares is never seen or heard from again.
  • 3: A Dragon calling himself Vaevictus (His Name Exalted), with a dozen other Dragons in tow, arrives in Turath and immediately demands the subjugation of all living beings, and offers only death as the alternative. Though the city resisted initially, it is only a few months before all left alive bend their knees to their new Dragon overlords. Arkhosia is born.
  • 4: The young and relatively small city of Bael falls to Arkhosia.
  • 17: Amireana, the city of the Elves, falls to Arkhosia.
  • 21: After almost two decades of bitter, brutal fighting, Karak Karaz falls to Arkhosia.
  • 22: As punishment for the Dwarves not submitting earlier, Vaevictus orders Karak Azgal, Karak Ghurz, and Karak Darr to be buried beneath mountains of rubble with their occupants still trapped inside. Almost a million Dwarves die in less than a day.
  • 29: Cilaan, sister city to Amireana, falls to Arkhosia. In a furious rage at having been opposed for so long, Vaevictus reduces the city to rubble. He torches the earth for nearly two miles in all directions, and orders the ground rendered infertile. Cilaan is never rebuilt.
  • 44: The last Orc in Zan’u dies, axe in hand. Arkhosia goes to lengths to obscure the identity of The Last Warrior (known as “Rhah” in Burz), but his story survives, and becomes a symbol of hope and defiance for the oppressed. Zan’u falls to Arkhosia.
  • 45: Vaevictus is furious that the Orcs dared defy him for so long, and orders The Ebonmarsh be put to the torch. Orcs who previously pledged loyalty to Arkhosia find their homes and towns in flames.
  • 130: Over a century of fighting has taken its toll. The last rebel tribe—fighting out of the Iron Hills—throws down their weapons and bends their knees to Arkhosia. The First Dragon War is over, and Vaevictus sits gloriously on his throne.
  • 139: Construction of Arkhos Rho is complete, Vaevictus announces his intention to build an army to enforce his will across all the empire.
  • 187: The Dragonkin arrive in Crossroads, and are seen by Human eyes for the first time. The initial confrontation is bloody, and results in several Human deaths.
  • 194: For the first time since its fall, Mortals are allowed to return to Zan’u. With the help of the Southern Dragon Army, reconstruction on the city begins.
  • 256: Worship of Rhah begins to pop up small villages, often ones not overseen directly by a Dragon.
  • 260: The Cult of Rhah spreads to the larger cities, and Turath, Karak Karaz and Zan’u all have secret rebel cells devoted to remembering the fearlessness and devotion of Rhah.
  • 262: A slave is whipped to death in the mines of Karak Karaz, and it incites a riot that results in the Dragons being pushed out of the city entirely. Stories of the incident quickly spread to the other cities, and they too begin to defy their Dragon overlords. The Second Dragon War begins.
  • 285: At the cost of nearly a hundred Mortal lives, a Dragon is driven to the ground and captured. He is imprisoned deep in the mines of Karak Karaz, and interrogated for information. Vaevictus orders all four Dragon Armies to Karak Karaz, and brings the full might of Arkhosia down on the Dwarven city. The move proves successful in recapturing his prisoner and killing those responsible for his capture, but Vaevictus’ overzealous allocation of resources proves tactically foolish, and gives the other cities ample time to organize and prepare for the return of the Dragon Armies.
  • 287: The term “Domination,” spoken in reference to the Arkhosian Empire, is coined by rebels. It sticks.
  • 477: Countless massacres and captures later, a Druchii family—Illiran—brokers a deal with Vaevictus to bring down the resistance from the inside, in exchange for favored treatment when the war is over.
  • 484: The Illiran Plot bears fruit, and the resistance collapses under its own weight. The Illirans, as well as the half-dozen other Mortal families that worked with them, are rewarded handsomely with wealth and power. The Second Dragon War is over.
  • 515: Construction of Ibygora (“Favored” in Draconic) is complete, and the families with connection to The Illiran Plot are placed in charge of it, and are even given a small voice in the Arkhosian government.
  • 630: Over a century of peace causes old wounds to reopen. A small uprising begins in Turath, though it is rapidly and mercilessly quelled.
  • 814: Rumors begin circulating of a conclave of mages who, determined to finally end the Domination, made horrible pacts with Immortals from other worlds. Vaevictus dispatches two Dragons to Turath to investigate the rumors, but they return without any solid evidence.
  • 820: The Defiant begin their uprising.

Agents and Allies – Factions of Arkhosia

  • The Blackguard – Arkhosia’s elite fighting force, comprised almost entirely of Dragonkin. Stationed in Arkhos Rho, they are only deployed into Arkhosia when a situation is too dangerous or demanding for the normal Dragon Army.
  • The Conclave – A secret cabal of cutthroat Cambion Warlocks, operating in secret out of Turath. They despise Arkhosia and all it stands for, but have had difficulty working with the Defiant in the past due to conflicting morals.
  • The Defiant – The elite inner circle of the Resistance, and the main heroes of the Defiance story.
  • The Dragon Army – The brute force of Arkhosia, made up of Dragonkin and other Loyalist mortals. Broken up into four main battalions, North, South, East, and West.
  • The Grudgebearers – A faction of staunchly anti-Arkhosian Dwarves, who believe that the Dragons must face justice for their crimes against the Dwarven people. Largely considered an ‘extremist’ group, they’ve had limited contact with the Defiant in the pat.
  • The Inquisition – Loyalist (mostly human) soldiers and investigators charged with finding and rooting out Resistance cells wherever they can be found. Headed by High Inquisitor Ahnstrom, out of Ibygora.
  • Loyalists – Not a faction, per se, but the term that will be used throughout Defiance to describe non-Dragonkin mortals who have aligned themselves with Arkhosia and the Dragons.
  • The Resistance – Mortals and Dragonkin who have taken up the cause of fighting against Arkhosia. They are “led” by the Defiant, as much as they can be, but many tend to operate autonomously, and do not consider the Defiant their leaders.
  • Sympathizers – Not a faction, per se, but the term that will be used throughout Defiance to describe anyone who has aligned themselves with the Resistance and the Defiant.


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