• "Silvertongue"


    A smooth-talking Warlock of the Conclave, whose human-like appearance and skill with words hide her true nature.
  • Curoch, His Might Unchallenged

    Curoch, His Might Unchallenged

    An obscenely powerful and bloodthirsty Dragon, his name alone strikes fear into many.
  • Darfin Elthas

    Darfin Elthas

    Professional scribe, protected by Arkhosia but secretly loyal to the Reistance.
  • Dura of Marshblade

    Dura of Marshblade

    An Orc slave of a high-ranking noble in Ibygora, and one of the Resistance's main sources of information.
  • Erik Magnusson

    Erik Magnusson

    A close ally of the Defiant, regularly placing his business and family at risk to help the Resistance.
  • Gudvhar Ahlstrom

    Gudvhar Ahlstrom

    High Inquisitor of Arkhosia, head of one of the most Loyal families in all of Arkhosia.
  • Ikorol, The Endless Rage

    Ikorol, The Endless Rage

    A wild and destructive Dragon, considered erratic and violent even by his brothers.
  • Illeron, First Among Kin

    Illeron, First Among Kin

    First-born of the Dragons, a cunning and manipulative weaver of plots.
  • Inga Stonehewer

    Inga Stonehewer

    A fearless and fire-hearted Dwarf, a leader of her people and friendly to the Defiant.
  • Isaac Agmundr

    Isaac Agmundr

    Stablemaster in Bael, and a Resistance sympathizer.
  • Iures, His Breath Infinite

    Iures, His Breath Infinite

    One of the most feared Dragons, more crafty and resourceful than burly.
  • Kreg of Clanless

    Kreg of Clanless

    The Defiant's chief contact in Crossroads, and de-facto leader of the local Resistance.
  • Ormr, Yet Unslayed

    Ormr, Yet Unslayed

    One of the weaker Dragons, famous for having nearly been killed at mortal hands in the last Dragon War.
  • Thrask


    A contentious Dragonkin, bitter towards Vaevictus and resentful of his myriad punishments.
  • Vaevictus, His Name Exalted

    Vaevictus, His Name Exalted

    Dragon Sovereign and Emperor of Arkhosia, the unquestioned ruler of all in Vulcanica.