The Defiant

The Domination



The time for talk has ended.

The time for action has come.

A thousand years ago, the Dragons arrived in Vulcanica. They wasted no time bending the natives to their will, taking less than a century to spread their blight all across the land. There were those who rose up and resisted, but not even the mightiest of mortals stood a chance against the Dragons and their powerful magic. Though the last battle ended nearly nine-hundred years ago, the resounding loss that the mortals faced in the first Dragon War still burns hot in hearts and minds the world over. There are none who do not feel the sadness and shame of their ancestors, who have seen their children become slaves, food, and worse, at the hands of the wicked Dragons.

But not all is lost. Campfire whispers and hopeful rumors tell tale of a small band of heroes, masquerading as slaves, who seek to strike down the Dragons and their empire. Some believe they are warriors without peer, unequaled in skill or courage. Others claim them to be spies and assassins, who will destroy Arkhosia from within. There are even those who say that they have discovered the secrets to a new form of magic, capable of rivaling the Dragons—or perhaps the Dragon’s magic itself. Whatever the truth is, there is one thing no mortal doubts: they are the Defiant, and they will be the ones to end the Domination once and for all.

Defiance is a game set in the home-brewed world of Vulcanica, an ancient and powerful continent. For nearly a thousand years, the mortals of Vulcanica (Dwarves, Elves, Fey, Humans, Orcs, and Vulcani) have lived under the oppressive Arkhosian Empire of the Dragons, known colloquially as “The Domination.” The players will take on the roles of The Defiant, a group of legendary heroes who have worked in secret against the Domination for nearly a decade, and are almost finished preparing their master plan.

The game will be played using FTS, a system that is also home-brewed. FTS uses a very simple dice pool mechanic (not unlike that found in Shadowrun or World of Darkness), and puts the focus on the characters as part of the story. Newcomers and veterans alike will find FTS fun, fast-paced, and easy to learn, and it’s shift from focusing on combat to focusing on the story will likely be a refreshing change of pace for players tired of the over-managed approach that other systems take.

Defiance is designed for a party of 4-7 players of all skill levels. It will be played in person, on a weekly basis, to be determined by the group. Gameplay will begin sometime in January of 2013.

Chronicles of Vulcanica: Defiance

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